Friday, February 26, 2010

What a day. . .

Sometimes people ask us questions at gigs like, "what do you guys do all day?"

What better a way to answer than Thursday 2/25, perhaps the busiest day we've had since The Turn has been together.

3PM - Rehearsal at 125 Rivington (@ Essex) on the Lower East Side. The same place we've been rehearsing every week (sometimes twice a week) for the last year. In fact, February marks the one year anniversary of Pat and I playing with Brian and Chris, so next time you see them wish them a happy anniversary. We played until roughly 5:30 at which point Pat and I went back to my car, grabbed our acoustic guitars and walked in the slush, sleet, rain and mushy garbage over to Whole Foods to grab a snack before our gig at The Red Lion. [As an aside, I recently discovered two brand new pairs of waterproof Timberland sneakers at my father's house. This would have been a great day to test them out, but I only thought of it after the first time I was ankle deep in New York City slush. Joke's on me, I suppose.]

We took a cab from Whole Foods, in which I sat in a puddle of whatever had been left from our previous occupant, leaving not only my socks but also the left ass cheek of my jeans soaking wet. Super comfortable. Rock and roll, the show must go on.

7PM - Gig at The Red Lion. The snow didn't keep 100% of people at home, and we had a great time. The crowd was equally as enthusiastic and it was totally awesome. The snow started to pick up as we were playing, and Ogy left at 8:30 to catch the train up to The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave to set up for our next gig. Some Bud Light and a couple of shots of Jameson later, 9:30 hit, we played You Can't Make Me Let Go for a fresh batch of Australian crowd members (Aussie Aussie Aussie!) unplugged our guitars, shook some hands, got in a cab and took off for the third leg of our day tour.

9:55PM - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave. Our home away from home. Patrick and I walked in, put our jackets down, took out our guitars, plugged in and it was show time again. I looked over at him and mentioned that there was something strangely familiar about all this.

When all was said and done, it was a totally crazy day but truly the most fun we've had all year. Non-stop rock, twelve straight hours of guitar, a couple more beers and a lot of snow.

Anyone that was at MSG hanging with Mr Mayer, I hope you guys all had fun and I appreciate all of your text messages. We'll see you soon.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

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