Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Year in Review. . .

Down to the wire. We love all of you so much. Here's what 2009 looked like for The Turn. Anything with a star denotes a full band performance. Looking forward to starting our new list, and to big things in 2010. New logo, new web site, new music. We're gonna have a great year. Tell anybody you'd like, everyone's invited. Happy New Year!
  1. January 3, 2009 - Private Event (Rockville Centre, NY)
  2. January 3, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  3. January 7, 2009 - Keats (New York, NY)
  4. January 8, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  5. January 10, 2009 - RJ Daniel's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  6. January 14, 2009 - Keats (New York, NY)
  7. January 15, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  8. January 16, 2009 - The Bullpen (New York, NY)
  9. January 17, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  10. January 20, 2009 - New Jersey Songwriters in the Round @ Maxwell's (Hoboken, NJ)
  11. January 21, 2009 - The Nag's Head Ale House (Huntington, NY)
  12. January 22, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  13. January 23, 2009 - Elysian Cafe (Hoboken, NJ)
  14. January 24, 2009 - Austin's Ale House (Kew Gardens, NY)
  15. January 28, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  16. January 30, 2009 - The Shrine Bar (New York, NY)
  17. January 31, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  18. February 5, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  19. February 6, 2009 - Paddy Reilly's (New York, NY)
  20. February 7, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  21. February 12, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  22. February 13, 2009 - Burke's Bar (Yonkers, NY)
  23. February 18, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  24. February 19, 2009 - Ruvo (Port Jefferson, NY)
  25. February 20, 2009 - Burke's Bar (Yonkers, NY)
  26. February 21, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  27. February 24, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  28. February 25, 2009 - The Nag's Head Ale House (Huntington, NY)
  29. February 26, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  30. February 28, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  31. March 4, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  32. March 5, 2009 - Burke's Bar (Yonkers, NY)
  33. March 6, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle (New York, NY)
  34. March 7, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  35. March 8, 2009 - Lilly O'Brien's (New York, NY)
  36. March 11, 2009 - Green Rock Tavern (Hoboken, NJ)
  37. March 12, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  38. March 13, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  39. March 14, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  40. March 17, 2009 - TGI Friday's (Manhasset, NY)
  41. March 18, 2009 - The Nag's Head Ale House (Huntington, NY)
  42. March 19, 2009 - The Mikie Squared (Hoboken, NJ)
  43. March 20, 2009 - McBride's (Bellmore, NY)
  44. March 21, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  45. March 22, 2009 - Lilly O'Brien's (New York, NY)
  46. March 25, 2009 - The Shrine Bar (New York, NY)
  47. March 27, 2009 - Burke's Bar (Yonkers, NY)
  48. March 28, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  49. April 3, 2009 - J Paul's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  50. April 4, 2009 - RJ Daniel's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  51. April 8, 2009 - The Dubliner (Hoboken, NJ)
  52. April 10, 2009 - Burke's Bar (Yonkers, NY)
  53. April 11, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  54. April 14, 2009 - Muldoon's (New York, NY)
  55. April 15, 2009 - McSwiggan's (New York, NY)
  56. April 17, 2009 - Elysian Cafe (Hoboken, NJ)
  57. April 18, 2009 - THE BIG SHOW @ MADISON HALL (Rockville Centre, NY)*
  58. April 22, 2009 - The Dubliner (Hoboken, NJ)
  59. April 23, 2009 - Gleason's (Astoria, NY)
  60. April 24, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  61. April 25, 2009 - Music Vs. Myeloma @ BLVD (New York, NY)
  62. April 25, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  63. April 30, 2009 - Gleason's (Astoria, NY)
  64. May 1, 2009 - McGuinness's (Sunnyside, NY)
  65. May 2, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle (New York, NY)
  66. May 8, 2009 - McBride's (Bellmore, NY)
  67. May 9, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  68. May 12, 2009 - Gotham Rocks @ Crash Mansion (New York, NY)
  69. May 13, 2009 - The Nag's Head Ale House (Huntington, NY)
  70. May 14, 2009 - Gleason's (Astoria, NY)
  71. May 15, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  72. May 16, 2009 - Bar 43 (Sunnyside, NY)
  73. May 17, 2009 - NYC Walk for AIDS (New York, NY)
  74. May 20, 2009 - The Dubliner (Hoboken, NJ)
  75. May 22, 2009 - The Parkside Lounge (New York, NY)*
  76. May 23, 2009 - Choice Kitchen & Cocktails (New York, NY)
  77. May 24, 2009 - The Playwright (New York, NY)
  78. May 27, 2009 - Cabo (Rockville Centre, NY)
  79. May 29, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  80. May 30, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  81. June 3, 2009 - The Nag's Head Ale House (Huntington, NY)
  82. June 4, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  83. June 5, 2009 - Live @ Best Buy (New York, NY)
  84. June 5, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  85. June 6, 2009 - Webbstock @ The Webb Institute (Glen Cove, NY)
  86. June 6, 2009 - Choice Kitchen & Cocktails (New York, NY)
  87. June 7, 2009 - The Playwright (New York, NY)
  88. June 10, 2009 - Metro 53 (New York, NY)
  89. June 11, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  90. June 12, 2009 - Burke's Bar (Yonkers, NY)
  91. June 13, 2009 - Gabrielle's (Rockville Centre, NY)
  92. June 14, 2009 - The Playwright (New York, NY)
  93. June 17, 2009 - Van Diemens (New York, NY)
  94. June 18, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  95. June 19, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  96. June 20, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle (New York, NY)
  97. June 23, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  98. June 24, 2009 - The Dubliner (Hoboken, NJ)
  99. June 26, 2009 - The East End (New York, NY)
  100. June 27, 2009 - Local West (New York, NY)
  101. June 27, 2009 - Choice Kitchen & Cocktails (New York, NY)
  102. June 28, 2009 - The Playwright (New York, NY)
  103. July 1, 2009 - Metro 53 (New York, NY)
  104. July 2, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  105. July 4, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  106. July 8, 2009 - Van Diemens (New York, NY)
  107. July 9, 2009 - Mercury Bar (New York, NY)
  108. July 9, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  109. July 10, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  110. July 11, 2009 - Choice Kitchen & Cocktails (New York, NY)
  111. July 12, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  112. July 15, 2009 - Butterfield 8 (New York, NY)
  113. July 16, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  114. July 17, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  115. July 18, 2009 - Choice Kitchen & Cocktails (New York, NY)
  116. July 19, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  117. July 22, 2009 - The Dubliner (Hoboken, NJ)
  118. July 23, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  119. July 24, 2009 - Burke's Bar (Yonkers, NY)
  120. July 25, 2009 - Overlook (New York, NY)
  121. July 26, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  122. July 28, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  123. July 29, 2009 - Van Diemens (New York, NY)
  124. July 30, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  125. July 31, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  126. August 1, 2009 - Choice Kitchen & Cocktails (New York, NY)
  127. August 2, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)
  128. August 5, 2009 - Van Diemens (New York, NY)
  129. August 6, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  130. August 7, 2009 - Burke's Bar (Yonkers, NY)
  131. August 8, 2009 - O'Brien's (New York, NY)
  132. August 9, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  133. August 11, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  134. August 12, 2009 - Metro 53 (New York, NY)
  135. August 13, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  136. August 14, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  137. August 15, 2009 - Choice Kitchen & Cocktails (New York, NY)
  138. August 16, 2009 - Cancer Benefit @ Amityville Beach Club (Amityville, NY)
  139. August 16, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  140. August 25, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  141. August 28, 2009 - RC Dugan's (East Meadow, NY)
  142. August 29, 2009 - Private Event (Bel Mar, NJ)
  143. August 30, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  144. August 31, 2009 - Prohibition (New York, NY)
  145. September 1, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  146. September 2, 2009 - Van Diemens (New York, NY)
  147. September 4, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  148. September 5, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  149. September 6, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)
  150. September 8, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  151. September 9, 2009 - Metro 53 (New York, NY)
  152. September 10, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  153. September 11, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  154. September 13, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  155. September 17, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  156. September 18, 2009 - Southern Hospitality (New York, NY)
  157. September 19, 2009 - Private Event (Atlantic Beach, NY)
  158. September 20, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  159. September 22, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  160. September 24, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  161. September 25, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  162. September 27, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  163. September 29, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  164. October 1, 2009 - Mad River (New York, NY)
  165. October 2, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  166. October 3, 2009 - Run Amuck Festival (Pomona, NY)
  167. October 3, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  168. October 4, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  169. October 6, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  170. October 7, 2009 - Metro 53 (New York, NY)
  171. October 8, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  172. October 9, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  173. October 10, 2009 - Elysian Cafe (Hoboken, NJ)
  174. October 11, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  175. October 13, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  176. October 14, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  177. October 15, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  178. October 17, 2009 - The Mile Square (Hoboken, NJ)
  179. October 18, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  180. October 20, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  181. October 22, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  182. October 23, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  183. October 24, 2009 - Private Event @ Under The Volcano (New York, NY)
  184. October 24, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle (New York, NY)
  185. October 25, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  186. October 27, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  187. October 29, 2009 - Swish Bar (Lyndhurst, NJ)
  188. October 31, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  189. November 1, 2009 - ING NYC Marathon (New York, NY)*
  190. November 1, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  191. November 3, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  192. November 5, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  193. November 6, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  194. November 7, 2009 - O'Brien's (New York, NY)
  195. November 8, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  196. November 9, 2009 - Prohibition (New York, NY)
  197. November 10, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  198. November 13, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  199. November 14, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle (New York, NY)
  200. November 15, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  201. November 17, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  202. November 18, 2009 - Prohibition (New York, NY)
  203. November 19, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  204. November 20, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  205. November 21, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  206. November 22, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  207. November 24, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  208. November 27, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  209. November 28, 2009 - O'Brien's (New York, NY)
  210. November 29, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  211. December 1, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  212. December 3, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  213. December 4, 2009 - BBQ Inc (Rockville Centre, NY)
  214. December 6, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)
  215. December 8, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  216. December 10, 2009 - The Red Lion (New York, NY)
  217. December 11, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  218. December 12, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  219. December 13, 2009 -Arctica (New York, NY)
  220. December 15, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  221. December 16, 2009 - Whiskey Bar (Hoboken, NJ)*
  222. December 17, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave (New York, NY)
  223. December 19, 2009 - O'Brien's (New York, NY)
  224. December 20, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)*
  225. December 22, 2009 - Sojourn (New York, NY)
  226. December 23, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)
  227. December 24, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  228. December 26, 2009 - O'Brien's (New York, NY)
  229. December 27, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)
  230. December 29, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 2nd Ave (New York, NY)
  231. December 30, 2009 - Arctica (New York, NY)
  232. December 31, 2009 - The Pig 'n' Whistle on 3rd Ave
Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not Your Average "About Me"

I've read and participated in a whole bunch of "50 Things You Never Knew" or "20 Random Facts" and I posted the favorite songs one fairly recently. . But I just thought I'd shed a little light on what it is I'm doing at all hours of the morning.

Usually the answer is watching live concert videos and writing songs. There really is nothing like a great live performance, both for the performer and the spectator. And there's no better way to get inspired to play play play than watching other people slay it on huge stages. Here are ten of the most recent videos I've been checking out, and links to where you can find the kick ass footage. Thank goodness for YouTube.

1. The Raconteurs - Consoler of the Lonely (Live @ Glastonbury 2008) I happened upon this one while looking for scenes from "It Might Get Loud", which comes out tomorrow. It started my Raconteurs love affair. This is definitely the best one though.

2. Queen - Somebody To Love (Live in Montreal) This is the most recent obsession. Freddie Mercury was something else. I know this isn't news to anyone, but rediscovering stuff at a later point in life is always rewarding. It occurred to me while watching this video that even my mom liked Queen. . and she and I didn't always see eye to eye when it came to music.

3. Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows (Live @ Reading 2005) I posted this one on Pat's wall a few weeks ago at 5 in the morning. I have to imagine that it was the best day of most of the guys in that band's life. The entirety of the performance is basically flawless, and the scenery (both the sky, and the 50 thousand people) was probably a rush. Probably, haha. Couldn't really ask for a better day to rock.

4. David Gray - Lately (Live @ Pinkpop 2006) You didn't really think there would be a list of mine without this song on it, did you? Nah. This one really gets me though. It's pretty interesting considering I've spent most of my time listening to this song at night, that it still speaks just as well even on a beautiful sunny day. Few do it like David Gray. But my feelings on him are well documented.

5. Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker (Live from Earl's Court) Jimmy Page is a fucking beast. Led Zeppelin somehow managed to be the most rock and roll while simultaneously being the biggest rock stars. Those two are not always coincidental. Assholes.

6. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi (Live at 95.8 Capital FM Radio) Obviously. At this point anybody that would deny her talent is a jackass. You don't have to like it, but be fair and give credit where credit is due. Also, I don't think she's a hermaphrodite. In fact, I think that's horse shit. But, she does have the biggest balls.

7. Queens of the Stone Age - White Wedding (Live Acoustic @ Live 105.com) First of all Billy Idol is awesome, though cheesy. I'll forgive him that, for sure. Secondly I think that paying homage to the artists that have influenced you most kicks ass. Given the number of songs that Pat and I have played over the last couple of years that we don't actually like, I'll speak for both of us in saying it's particularly rewarding to play stuff that moves you.

9. Nirvana - Drain You (Live & Loud) Kurt Cobain was a genius. Maybe a bit dramatic at times, but no less a genius. Truly a king of guitar noise. . and really just noise in general.

10. Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire (Live on David Letterman) This is pretty old considering the life span this song has now enjoyed. As my tweets and Facebook updates attest to, I'm not sick of this song (or Use Somebody). These guys take a shit load of pride in their live performance, and I most assuredly appreciate that. Sick way to end a song. We may have borrowed that idea. . From them and whoever they borrowed it from.

You can also check out our YouTube Page for some pretty bad ass, ever growing, ever evolving collection of live footage.

I love all of you

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies Bitches

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Checkin out. . .

Some bands that I've been checking out recently (say, from the last six months to the last six minutes):

  • The Kooks
  • Glasvegas
  • OK Go (Get Over It)
  • Editors (Bullets)
  • Them Crooked Vultures (Nobody Loves Me & Neither Do I)
  • The Weeks (Buttons)
  • Klaxons (It's Not Over Yet)
  • The Kaiser Chiefs (Never Miss A Beat)

See you tomorrow night at ArcticA. We'll be playing a whole load of new material so come on and check it out!

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rock Rock Rock

I opened this page thinking I had way more to say. . Well, actually I wouldn't say I'm at a "loss for words" so much as I've got so much going on inside my head that actually nailing down what I'd truly like to say might be difficult. Perhaps a bullet style blog is in order for this go around. This is a whole bunch of long status updates.

  1. Just watched "Heartbreak Warfare" live from The Beacon Theater last night. Owing to the fact that The Turn was also performing I/we were unable to attend. There are parts of me that are pretty bummed to have missed it, but also parts of me that are glad. After all it's not like John Mayer postponed his gig to come and see Pat and I at The Pig 'n Whistle on 2nd Ave. And I don't take that personally.
  2. I just want to make sure nobody ever loses sight of how amazing The Beatles were/are. Some woman last week at Sojourn mentioned that she thought "The Beatles are boring". For a brief moment I thought she was from another planet. It's cool if you don't want to listen to them all the time. But if you can't think of a Beatles song you'd like to hear, you've lost all of your request line privileges.
  3. Them Crooked Vultures streamed their entire record up until the day it came out. Now I'm going to go buy it. Awesome.
  4. Guitar is the best thing. If you ever want to get yourself something go buy a Mitchell MD-100S. It's less than $200 at pretty much any guitar retailer in the world and it sounds awesome. It will also last forever. I have two. They're both 7 years old and still sound awesome.
  5. David Gray kicks ass. He keeps on kicking ass.
  6. I couldn't possibly thank everyone enough for all the support we've been shown over the past two years. Nothing gives me/us greater pleasure than to have the opportunity to perform and play music with/for all of you. Let's keep this relationship going awhile, what do you say?
  7. "It's an industrial strength hair dryer, and I can't live without it." Will never stop being funny.
We'll have more updates on everything soon. In the works are (more bullets). . .
  • New t-shirts (Mr Rich Verdino is working on it as we speak)
  • New website
  • New record
See y'all at the show.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Friday, October 23, 2009

The New EP. . and whatnot

It is still yet to be named, though we have a few ideas.

A recap, for all you curious folk. There will be six or seven songs on the upcoming EP. In no certain order:

  • The Sound Of Me Breathing (from The December Sessions sessions)
  • Stormy
  • A Thousand Words
  • You Can't Make Me Let Go
  • Over Now
  • Hold In Your Breath
  • Attention
We'll be working on them as hard and often as possible, and releasing them one by one as they're ready. The hard copies will be around I suspect sometime after the new year, but I definitely can't comment on that yet, as I have literally no idea when they'll surface.

We're hard at work and will be out 6 nights a week consistently through the conclusion of 2009. New Year's Eve we'll be at The Pig 'n Whistle at 922 3rd Ave (between 55th and 56th). Come on down and have some champagne as we wave goodbye to a great year in the life of The Turn.

Next Sunday 11/1 will be a rather exciting day. There will be two full band performances. A matinee and a night cap at ArcticA. During the day at 1PM, we'll be appearing at the ING NYC Marathon on 1st Ave between 95th and 96th Streets. I don't know what the weather looks like yet, but it promises to be a fun time one way or the other.

As for 2010, it's anybody's guess. The new record, and as many performances as we can squeeze into the next 365 days will be our immediate goal, and as the details unfold we'll obviously keep y'all posted.

Come out to the show. We'll be there.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Perfect Timing. . .

I couldn't think of a better time to get back into blogging. The fact is, with so much digital media available these days (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc) it's hard to figure where the most valuable expenditure of time is. Also, realizing that 140 characters is plenty enough to satisfy most people these days is something of a wake up call.

All the same, a quick update here and perhaps something more regular as the winter rolls on in.

We'll be heading back to the studio tomorrow to begin work on what may be a single, an EP or a full length record. It remains to be seen, but the first five songs on tap are:

1) Hold In Your Breath
2) You Can't Make Me Let Go
3) Over Now
4) A Thousand Words
5) Stormy

We also have The Sound Of Me Breathing, Signs, Evening Blues and a "secret" song in progress from those December Sessions earlier this year. So it promises to be an exciting winter no matter how you slice it. Look for pictures from the studio, videos, more blogs and all The Turn you can wrap your mind around.

We'll be at ArcticA every Sunday night at 9PM rocking steadily and hoping to see y'all out.

Any questions, comments or concerns you can feel free to get in touch with us and look forward to our new record, yet to be titled. Thank you so much to everyone for all of your continued support.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Monday, June 29, 2009

On The Floor

Popular superstition is a pretty interesting phenomenon.  As many of you know, my brother and I have relocated to Long Island City.  We're living on the "14th Floor".  At first glance, whether it be at the mail or at the door which reads "1408" you'd think. . well probably nothing.  But, introduce yourself to the buttons in the elevator and you might take notice that there's no 13th floor.  The floors advance from 12 to 14 rather inconspicuously.  So much so in fact, that when I was introduced to a girl in Pat's building who also lives on the 14th floor she said she had never noticed.  And why would you? 

Excuse me, but this is just the most ridiculous practice in the history of humanity.  I hate to break it to everyone, but contrary to what it says on my door and the door of every other apartment on this floor, we live on the 13th floor.  Doesn't bother me very much.  I'm rather at home with it as a matter of fact.  I'm not concerned with the dangers of admitting that I live on the 13th floor.  I'm more concerned with management's attempt to pull the wool over my eyes and sell this to me as a 40 floor building when it's actually 39, and trying to trick me into believing I'm one floor higher than I actually am.  It's apparently an effective ruse.  I've taken notice of every building with an elevator and 13 floors or more.  Shock of shocks, none of them have a 13th floor.  Or, more accurately they all have a 13th floor but not a single one is named as such.  I flat out disagree.

Moving on.  I spent most of the day with the following lyrics stuck in my head:

And you won't have to worry no more. 
No you won't have to wonder again,
About how this song or story ends,
About how this song and story will end.

That's the closing lines to "From A Balance Beam" by Bright Eyes.  That song is awesome.  I've been listening to it pretty consistently for at least the last 5 years and I dig the fact that it's got such staying power.  I love the fact that music, as a whole, is relatively timeless.  Hearing that song brings me back to a place in my life that I haven't been for quite some time.  Having an opportunity to relate the lyrics of songs I fell in love with as one incarnation of myself to the period of my life I find myself in now is pretty special.  Having the things you love grow with you is something to behold and something I appreciate about music above most other things. The words to that song were just on repeat in my head all day.  On the subway, off the subway, up the stairs down the stairs, lock the door, unlock the door, pay the meter and so on.  I actually hadn't realized that I knew all of the words to the song until today when I "sang" it in its entirety, and got stuck on that last phrase which frankly just captures the essence of most things.  

Don't wonder, don't worry.  Eventually you'll find out the ending.  And all the whispers will be quite clear.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Friday, June 26, 2009

So it goes. . .

The generational shock wave that was felt yesterday as news filtered through of Michael Jackson's death, shook me in my flip flops.

The text message came from Mr Brian Holtz, who is responsible for laying down the bass line when we play Billie Jean.  It seems particularly funny to have added that song to our set list on Tuesday night as something of a last minute call.  In fact, it was (in my opinion) one of our best performances of the song to date.  Whatever the case may be, his talent and indelible mark has been left on music for the rest of time.  Everywhere I've been over the last 18 hours has been playing one Michael Jackson song or another, and people are traversing the subway humming the guitar line to Beat It.  

It's interesting to consider just how many active performing artists were influenced directly by his career.  Even with all of the oddities and bizarre behavior, the body of work that he produced over the course of his lifetime is undeniably phenomenal and something to be revered.  One of the things I've come to appreciate most over the last day is just how much everyone, and I do mean everyone appreciated his music.  You just like Michael Jackson. Whether you readily acknowledge it, or are even readily aware of it. . You like Michael Jackson. He's singing your song.

I'm not sure "sad" is even the right word to describe my disposition.  I'm surprised, and I'm hoping that one day the only thing he is most remembered for is his otherworldly talent as a songwriter and performer.  That's frankly all you can hear on the radio anyway.  

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies. . Yee hee hee

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Joss Stone. . .

Are you serious?  Check this out.  Watch the whole thing.  This is precisely the type of thing that makes me want to pick up a guitar every morning when I wake up, and fall asleep every night holding it.

More to come.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Cover This

So I recently re- visited the Garden State soundtrack with my brother in the car on the way to a gig. I'd say that in the years since the last time I listened to the whole thing straight through, my appreciation for the score of a movie has increased significantly. Additionally, my familiarity with the meaning of "covering" a song has also changed drastically. 

This soundtrack features Iron & Wine "covering" The Postal Service's Such Great Heights.  The reason for the quotes is that there is a marked difference between playing a song the way it sounds (covering it), and playing a song the way it sounds to you. That difference is something I'm not sure I'd have ever had so close an attachment to if it hadn't been for the last two years of playing other people's songs on a nightly basis the way they sound in my head. I think that would be best identified as a reproduction. Samuel Beam (of Iron & Wine) reproduced Such Great Heights in such a way that caused me to question, and very carefully consider the way songs sound.  I always wondered why his version came out so soon after the original, but now I think I get it.  What does a song really sound like?  Is it something you hear in your head or could it be something you hear in your heart?  

I like to picture Samuel Beam playing the guitar at his kitchen table eating Cheerio's and listening to college radio trying to write a song.  As he sits, the DJ announces a new track from The Postal Service called Such Great Heights.  The song plays and he looks up from the notebook he's scribbling in, drops his spoon into the cereal, splashes milk on himself and sits with his jaw agape at what he's hearing.  The song playing on the radio is the song he has been sitting at his kitchen table trying to write.  

Fanciful though that recreation may be, I have to imagine it was something similar.  And whatever the case is, that's how I like to picture it.  The Iron & Wine version couldn't really be any more different from the original, but still manages to stay true to the feel and intended meaning of the song (whatever that may be).  Samuel Beam heard it and immediately knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.  He had been waiting his whole life for an opportunity to put together a song that would make him feel complete, and then found it while eating Cheerio's and playing the guitar.  I like to imagine how that must have made Ben Gibbard feel. Someone feeling so strongly about a song you have written, that they just absolutely need to put their own spin on it.  It's crazy.

I got to thinking also about what songs I feel so strongly about.  Lately is most assuredly a song that I feel that kind of kinship with.  Use Somebody, too.  Those are both songs that I remember hearing for the first time, and wishing I had written.  I felt like it was on the tip of my tongue until it was reverberating in my ears.  And my heart.  And my soul.

That's the way it all looks to me.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Monday, June 8, 2009

Best Buy 6/5/09

Thank you so much to S.E.G. Presents for putting us up at Best Buy this past Friday on 23rd St at 6th Ave.

Check out the video:

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lucky Number 7

What a crazy week it has been.  Six of seven gigs in the bag and one left to go at The Playwright in Times Square tonight.

Everyone that has come out to see us this week to sing a song, or just have a drink and relax deserves a big hug and a handshake.  We've been on the move like crazy, and are just getting the summer started.

Wherever you go, we'll be there waiting to sing to you.  I promise I'll write more later on or tomorrow before next week's insanity starts.  Hoping to see y'all out at a show.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not To Worry. .

Very special thanks to Sr Miguel Cervantes III for taking video of Not To Worry at BBQ Inc this past weekend.

Anyone with any pictures or video are more than welcome to post and tag at their leisure.  We love a digital High-Five when we can get it.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stopping by. .

Another awesome night at BBQ Inc last night, very special thanks to everyone that made it out. As we broadcast to the streets of Rockville Centre all week long, everyone is welcome to come by and sing a song with us.  In fact you're welcome, invited and encouraged to do so.  It's not a show without all of you guys, so endless high fives, handshakes and pats on the back.

There's a good chance you'll hear some new additions to the catalog in the coming weeks.  Pat and I have been throwing darts with our eyes closed to try and incorporate new songs into the repertoire and have come up with a few that we enjoy playing and we feel you will all enjoy listening to.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for songs we should play or that you'd like to hear us play please feel free to e mail us!  BrianRipps@aol.com will do just fine.  You can text also if you're so inclined.  

Off to Gabrielle's to end the Park Avenue Tour for the week of 5/25/09.  See you at the show.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Songs are Skyscrapers

Think of how it feels when you try to look at the Empire State Building from the windshield of your car as you cross 34th Street.  You need to squeeze over the wheel, and peer up. . narrowly avoiding the taxi that just cut you off while you were staring google eyed at only 2/3 of the building because it's so tall.  If you have a sun roof you can look through that and you'll be able to catch almost 100% of it.

But you need to stay with the flow of traffic, so you keep going before you actually get an opportunity to view the whole thing.  Next time you drive by, you'll have to look again.  And again.

That's what a great song can do to you.  You listen all the way through, and you know you love it before it's even over.  But by the time it's over you can't figure out just why you loved it, so you have to listen again.  Even the second listen won't do it justice.  So you listen to Use Somebody repeatedly.  You turn it up every time you catch it on the radio.  You stay a minute longer wherever you are to hear it.

Songs are Skyscrapers.  Just keep looking.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Many, many thank yous going out to Choice NYC and everyone that made it out last night for the show.  The impromptu crowd that came out to Rock The Turn on a moment's notice was overwhelming and we love you all insanely.  It was an interesting night and there will be pictures to follow.  

The next full band show is in the planning stages, and in the meantime we'll be all over the place. Summer is just about to get started, so I'd like to invite you all to The Turn show.

Stay tuned.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello New York

Last night's show at The Parkside Lounge was straight up awesome.  I want to thank everyone that made it out so much for coming to Rock The Turn.  The December Sessions has officially been released to the world now that we made some noise downtown.  We premiered two new songs (A Thousand Words and The Sound Of Me Breathing) and I'm very excited to upload the audio.

The next step is finding out from you the people where we are taking the show next.

There's a bunch of venues we are currently scouting, but I want to hear from you guys where you wanna come party with us.  In subsequent posts, I'll have links to all of the possible places, and we'll get on them to Book The Turn so we can go and rock the walls the way we do.  You guys are all a part of this team and we couldn't do it without you.  I think I speak for all four members of our band when I say there's no greater pleasure than getting on stage and playing to a room full of people that helped bring us there.  We're following your lead, so keep on pushing we'll keep on playing.

There will be many pictures available soon I'm sure, along with further information on where we're bringing the next Rock Party.

Have a great memorial day.  

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Friday, May 22, 2009

Checkin In. .

The busiest week ever bled over into this week too.  I haven't been around or in front of a computer for long enough to put in my two cents.  I suppose I could "tweet" more.  If everyone wants to follow us on Twitter, we will most assuredly be doing that starting right now.

We're playing at The Parkside Lounge tomorrow night at 8:30PM.  We're gonna break out a few new songs too, so come on out and Rock The Turn.

I'll update in full as soon as I can.  I don't love you any less, I promise.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thank You New York City!!

This has been the busiest week of 2009 no question about it.  There will be a more lengthy and detailed update later on today or early tomorrow (which also promises to be rather busy) but for now. . .

Thank you so much to S.E.G Presents for putting us up on 74th and Riverside along with The Shells and The BadSpells.  It was a great time and there were an overwhelming number of people involved in the walk.  The response was great and even though the weather could probably have been better, everyone (up to and including Pat and I) had an absolute blast.

Stay tuned for pictures and video from this morning's festivities.  I'll be back with a full on update in a little bit.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Intro To Backtracking. . .

First of all, the song in the listening section "Moth's Wings" by Passion Pit is a song I've been listening to constantly as a result of reading about it in John Mayer's blog.  They're kind of an MGMT band (Electric Feel, Time To Pretend) an electronic based band with total rock feel.  This is the kind of stuff I love, and always have.  It's cool when a new band comes along to remind you of some of your old influences.  It's clear that the two aforementioned bands enjoyed listening to bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Erasure.  Those three bands all have songs that I would probably have once referred to as my favorite song.  The thing I love about Rock, is how usable it is in almost every other distinct genre.  In some way or another at some time or another, everyone just wants to Rock.  So bands with an electronic, or acoustic, or piano/mellow foundation will find ways to bring the Rock.  Keane somehow manages to do so without a guitar. But roots in Rock are very important.

That serves as a longwinded introduction to what I will be calling "Backtracking".  I just knocked out three bands (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Erasure) that will most assuredly be included.  I intend to go back and listen to some stuff I haven't heard in awhile, and some stuff I've never really given the college try.  I'll openly admit to never really sitting down and listening to a Doors record.  

I did so tonight for the first time in my life.  It so happens that due to their prominence once upon a time, I've had an awful lot of exposure to Doors songs without even trying.  For my first legitimate listen, I'd say that they appeal to me more now than they ever might have before. Maybe I'll try and spin on a Doors song some night soon.  Look out for that.  I think the new game is gonna be grabbing songs by bands I don't hear a lot of requests for (Aerosmith for example, again) and seeing what it sounds like when The Turn plays it.

Welcome to BackTracking by The Turn.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Monday, May 11, 2009

On Screen. . .

Thanks to the lovely camerawork of Marina and Heather, we have a growing collection of videos for your viewing pleasure.

Come on over, leave your comments, enjoy the show.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day. . And So On

A bunch of little things on my mind.  First and foremost, I'd like to wish everyone and their mother a Happy Mother's Day.  I will concede to the fact that this is not my favorite day of the year, but it gives me an opportunity to publicly send my love to my mother, and anyone who has acted as a mother to me in any way over the course of my life.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful day to this point!

Some goings on. . 
Thank you to everyone that made it out to Gabrielle's last night.  It was a great time as usual. The doors were wide open and we were projecting onto Park Ave from the other side of Merrick Road.  You'll have another opportunity to catch us out at BBQ Inc this coming Friday 5/15 10PM-1AM.  We'll sing your song, so come on out and Rock The Turn.

We will be performing at the New York City Walk for AIDS next Sunday morning May 17th, 2009 @ 11am.  In cooperation with the Show Entertainment Group, we'll be stationed at 74th and Riverside playing for all of the walkers and passersby.  

The Parkside Lounge extravaganza is right around the corner.  Friday 5/22 @ 8pm, 317 Houston Street.  Be there, we'll Rock out together.

Grumblings. . Somehow, with all of performances we've made, and venues we've played, the request lines have found a way to overlook one of Rock and Roll's most prevalent and otherwise enduring groups.  So I ask you. . Where is the love for Aerosmith?  It only occurred to me recently while enjoying Tell Me What It Takes To Let You Go on the radio that we have received exactly zero requests for Aerosmith.  I'm open to interpretation, but I'd love to know why.  The fact that we more often receive requests for *NSYNC (twice this weekend) and Britney Spears begs the question again, Where is the love for Aerosmith?  I think the move is for Pat and I to learn a couple of songs and mix them in so you all have no choice.  Consider it done.

We've been writing a bunch of new songs recently.  The process that we go through to write songs is constantly growing and evolving to incorporate ideas that we might not have previously had, and being influenced by more newer different types of music.  With that in mind, I sometimes return to what I call "default inspirations".  These are songs that I've listened to an innumerable amount over the course of my life, and will keep listening to indefinitely.  Those might be favorites, or "bookmarks", but they're influences.  Whatever it takes to get the creative juices flowing.  On my list of songs to address again in the very near future is "A Day In The Life".  I think it's time to go back and try to nit-pick every aspect of that song and identify them.  Getting to know that song on a personal level is something I think anyone attempting to write a song should do.  Interview it, dig deep, find the answers you're looking for and apply them to your own craft.  Again, there's something to be learned from everyone. 

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Saturday, May 9, 2009

UGroove and GigMaven

In progress:



Between The Couch and My Bed

Stopping in quick.  Will come back and update everyone later on.

Played at McBride's tonight, thank you to anyone that made it out.

Got a cup of Celestial Seasonings tea just before I went on, and the tea-bag had a Swedish proverb on its tag.  "Those who wish to sing will always find songs".  My only response to that:

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here Comes The Sun. . .

I woke up on the couch with my guitar in my lap.  SportsCenter on MUTE and the remote on the floor in three pieces (four if you count both batteries and the back plate individually).  I looked out the window and found the sky was this color 
though sadly, the view from my living room wasn't quite as exquisite.

Across from me on the floor was the pad and pen I had been using before I fell asleep.  We've got a new song in progress, its working title is "Stormy".  Pat and I played it with Chris and Brian last night for the first time all together and I have to say that it sounded very similar to, if not exactly how it sounds in my head.  Just need to write the second verse and I think we've got something on our hands.  Maybe we'll call our full length Operating On Time.  

Back to bed.  

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Monday, May 4, 2009

Myspace Version 2.0

Just recently uploaded by the good people at The Black Axe, it is time for everyone to go over and visit our new digs.  Check out the new look, and enjoy the music.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Early Morning Pondering. .

First of all, I owe massive hugs to the following people:
Beth Melillo, Christina Ferrara, Frank Festa, Ben Rocco, Andrew Guttilla, Marina Golfo, Heather Cahill, Anthony Zizzo and Paul Ianuale.  You guys are all fantastic, thank you for coming out to Rock The Turn and making any venue I/we play feel like home. 

To The Turn's newest fan Alana Simone Purvis - Friday night on a whim, hugs and kisses.

We'll be in Times Square at The Pig 'N Whistle tomorrow night from 10-1.  Come on out, it's gonna be a party.

We're into May!  Three weeks until the next big show at The Parkside Lounge, 5/22 @ 8PM. .  

There's other stuff on my mind, but I'm gonna give it a rest for now.  Just wanted to stop in and give everyone a little love.  I'll start fresh tomorrow.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How To Rock The Turn

Just ask Marina.  She took care to Rock The Turn at BBQ Inc last Friday night.  Many thank you's going out to her for this video.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rock The Blog

Today was a business day.  It has led me here, to all of you, to catch you up on what I've been thinking.

First thing's first.  I imagine around half of you reading this have at least one tattoo.  The other half have "thought about it", but aren't so sure they could get used to having something emblazoned on their body permanently.  Rest assured, you can, it's not so hard as you might think. It's made especially easy if you find an artist you like that cares as much about their craft as they do about putting their indelible mark on your skin someplace.  When it comes time for your first, second, or whichever number it is, look no further.  Rich Verdino is the tattoo artist you want to go see. He is literally a brother in arms.  Both of mine have been illustrated rather ornately, and I couldn't be happier.  
This should say it all --->

I've also been thinking a lot about "influences" as they're described by most bands.  I find that these days there's something of a taboo against having modern or contemporary influences.  Every band on MySpace (including The Turn) cites The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and so on, as their influences. The fact is if you're playing music in 2009, you've been influenced by at least one, but more likely all three of those bands and a whole host of others from that generation that will go unnamed.  That doesn't bother anyone.  Then, yesterday at the gym when Fall Out Boy's America's Suitehearts came on, it occurred to me that they have been one of the bands Pat and I have done a lot of listening to over the years.  Don't look now, but they just released their fourth major label effort, and have been steadily touring for almost ten years.  The inclination among musicians to (consciously or otherwise) shun their modern/contemporary influences when discussing their own body of work is prevalent.  Why is that?  I suppose there is a fear of being lumped into a category or a "scene" as it were.  There's a fear of being accused of ripping off a band, but that's not necessarily reserved for your peers.  It's just a taboo that I can't exactly put a finger on, and am more than willing to let go of.  I'll gladly cite Kings Of Leon, Fall Out Boy, Keane, James Morrison and John Mayer all as artists I respect and to a certain degree, emulate.  In music, as in life, there is something to be learned from everyone around you.

That being said, an influence that I left out of the above segment in the interest of addressing them personally is The Police.  Their recent reunion made deserved international waves.  It had been something like 15 years since the last time they took the stage together for a touring effort, and what footage I caught of it on VH1 looked utterly insane.  I'll cop to not having any desire to spend upwards of $300 for a ticket, either way there's no love lost.  They're three musical geniuses whose work is worthy of timeless acclaim.  Though they only recorded together as a band for six years, they produced some of the most mind boggling music I've ever been privy to and I feel privileged to play it when the opportunity presents itself.  Take a few minutes and listen to Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.  There are few musical compositions, or even compositions in general that elicit such a universally positive reaction when played in any form.  The elevator version of that song probably gets carts of people dancing and whistling to themselves.  Leastwise, that's what would happen if I was in that elevator.  I could go on listing their greatest hits, but everyone's favorites would stake a valid claim to "best".  So, in order to avoid confusion I tend to listen to their greatest hits records, and soak it all in at once.  This one has the singles, which makes it very easy to whittle down their catalog and find what you want to hear.

That's what's going on inside my head right now.  I'll be back.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Rife With Ideas. . .

There's been a ton of stuff running through my head over the last few days.  I'm in a little bit of a hurry right now so this will just have to serve as a preview to a longer, more informative post sometime in the very near future.

But keep your eyes open, I'll be back in no time.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Off The Top Of My Head. . .

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah is 6:57 of jaw dropping, awe inducing brilliance.  This is not the first blog entry of mine that references this song, but I thought I'd bring it back and encourage everyone to pop it on during this beautiful day.  Grab your iPod and take a walk, listen to Hallelujah, it'll feel good.  

While we're on the topic, Last Goodbye is a song worthy of a listen today.  Any day really, but definitely today.

Just chiming in.  See y'all later.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Week(end) Update

This has been a crazy week.  And I'm glad I have a minute to fill you all in now.

Wednesday after practice with Chris and Brian, I shot right through the Lincoln Tunnel and into Hoboken for a gig at The Dubliner.  It was my second time in there this month, and I'm very glad to have been welcomed.  Everyone is always extremely receptive and it makes it that much more fun to play for people that love music and just want to sing along.  Having the good fortune to be stuck in a room with a bunch of people that just want to hear songs that I want to play is a pretty special thing.  I'd like to send an extra special thank you to Emma Hardesty and our newest Hoboken supporter Michelle Attilio for coming out and singing along.

I briefly mentioned Thursday night at Gleason's in Astoria.  This is the newest spot I've played, and I can't wait to go back with Pat.  It's a brand new, beautiful bar on 33rd and Broadway. The front entrance has big wide windows so everyone walking by can see in, and they are welcome to come in and join the good time.  The staff was warm and accommodating, the crowd was gracious and there to have fun.  The best rooms to show up in are the ones where everyone is prepared for a good time.  I will let you all know when we're back in there, and you'll come out to see for yourself.  

Friday was our return to Rockville Centre.  Always feels good to run around a bit and then come back home to a place we've played a whole bunch of times.  BBQ Inc feels like home to The Turn, and we couldn't have been happier to play our first RVC gig since The Big Show on home turf.  The front door was open and we were projecting out onto Park Ave.  Anyone who wants to know where the party was on Friday night, it was at BBQ.  I'd like to thank Vicky and Chris (bartenders extraordinaire) for opening their doors to us, and leaving them open to let us make some noise.  It really was an awesome night, and we owe big hugs to everyone that made it out.  You can catch us back there on May 15th. Come on down.  Pig in, Pig out.

Last night was about as busy as it gets.  But busy often has its rewards.  We started the night at Blvd playing a spot at a benefit called Music Against Myeloma.  We were invited by our new friend Matt Ostrower of Lost In October to come out and play a short set.  The crowd was receptive, and they were there to raise money for a wonderful cause.  Everyone has been hit in some way or another by cancer, and this was a very special privilege to shed a little light on a less than ideal situation.  The Turn would like to send our heartfelt appreciation to Matt and Slava for planning the event which was celebrating its fourth year, and for having us in to share the stage.  We'd be happy to return with the full lineup next year, and you're all invited to come out, Rock The Turn and raise awareness for this and all cancer research/treatment.  As soon as the pictures are up on their website I'll post a link.

Off the stage, out the door, through the tunnel, and right into The Mile Square.  We walked in at 10:29 and started up at 10:30.  In the nick of time to say the least.  It was a great night.  We were already riding a high from having the opportunity to play earlier at Blvd for such an enthusiastic crowd, and carried it right on over to one of our favorite spots in Hoboken to play. This was our first time there in around a month, and it was a great welcome back.  Everyone in the house made it a super enjoyable Saturday night.  Coupled with the 80+ degree weather, and the birthdays, bachelorette parties, and hometown friends that came out to support (big love to Jonny, Heather, Beth and Jo), this was a uniquely awesome opportunity to play two shows for two great groups of people.  Nothing makes us happier than to be on a stage playing the songs you want to hear, and hearing you sing along with us.

Thank you barely touches it.  Your collective voices are what keep us going.  Check out our schedule on MySpace and come Rock The Turn.  We'd love to have you.  As mentioned we'll be playing with the full lineup Friday 5/22 at The Parkside Lounge and between now and then you can find us all over the metro area.  Come say hi, we'll be waiting.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coming Soon: Gleason's (Astoria, NY) & BBQ Inc (RVC, NY)

'Twas an awesome night at BBQ Inc this evening.  I want to thank everyone that came out.

I'm exhausted, so this is a short post.  But starting tomorrow I'm gonna do my best to synopsize each and every performance, so you will know where to come to find the fun.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Friday, April 24, 2009

Rock The T-Shirt. . .

Whether or not you made it out to The Big Show last week, fear not.  We will be back in action as soon as May 22nd at The Parkside Lounge, and we're also hard at work putting together our summer performance schedule so you can all come out and Rock The Turn.

Also, in order to do so, you might want to consider getting your hands on one of these t-shirts.  

All the love to Mr Terence Kennedy again,  not only for designing and producing the shirts, but also for busting his behind running around at the show selling them.  

To get your hands on one you can call me (516) 458-7299 or e-mail BrianRipps@aol.com.  We'd be happy to get it to you, wherever you may be.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen

This is one of the first times I can remember being up before noon in around three months. I'm more than happy to disclose the reason for my early rise as well. . Kings Of Leon are playing at the Coliseum in September and tickets go on sale in about five minutes.  Pat and I went to see them at MSG in January and their return to the New York area most assuredly warrants attendance by The Turn.  In fact, we'd love to see you there!

So, I figured while I was waiting I'd chime in on a few things I'd been thinking about. First of all, with regards to an earlier post, The Aftermath, I have a very strong candidate for the fifth spot. "Big Machine" by The Goo Goo Dolls is a song that for as long as I've been familiar with it, has given me chills.  The opening riff is so strong, and recognizable, and draws you in from the moment the song starts.  Then before you know it, it's over.  The lyrics themselves are reason enough to listen. The sentiment expressed throughout the entire song melodically and lyrically is ambiguous to a point that you could really derive any meaning from it that you please.  The song ends and you're left wondering where the last three minutes has gone, as you've been under the spell of Big Machine.

My favorite line in the song is "god it's good to be alive".  Whether or not I, or Johnny Rzeznik (or anyone for that matter) really feel that way all the time is immaterial, though obviously nobody really feels like that 100% of the time.  Even with that in mind, the fact is there have been times that taking a deep breath and closing my eyes has caused me to think "god it's good to be alive".  He says it twice in the song.  I relate more to the second time, but you'll have to listen to the song to get what I mean by that.  

I hope you do, and I hope you enjoy it.  

In other news, The Turn will be appearing at The Parkside Lounge on Friday May 22nd @ 8PM. If you're reading it here, you're reading it first.  We're very excited to get back in front of you guys with the full band again.  

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed at me and I'd be happy to answer them for you.

In the meantime

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The December Sessions - Lyrics

1.  Christiana (2:55) 

This is what I see
This is where I'll leave you
I fall for that one every time
It's nothing new I'll be just fine

That's my Christiana
12 feet in the sky
That's my Christiana
Hoped you'd be my guiding light

This is what I see
That's the way it all looks to me
When trouble finds you on your knees
To hell with what you think you need

Just go and wash me off your hands

That's my Christiana
12 feet in the sky
That's my Christiana
Hoped you'd be my guiding light

That's my Christiana
12 feet in the sky
Gray says "Lately I've been way down"
Get me through the night

2.  Silhouettes (3:13) 

So it goes
Another photo finish
When I'm racing with your ghost
Are we all destined for confusion?
This hasn't been the same
Thought I heard you whisper
Then I realize it's the rain

Try your best to tell me
Tomorrow will be easy
And say it with a smile
All this seems so familiar
I'll rest when I get home
And some things you know
Are better left alone

So dress yourself in silhouettes
Do your best impression of yourself
I promise I will fall for it
And will it really be alright?
It's getting harder to believe 
But I've always had tricks up my sleeve

Do I have to
Repeat myself or
Did I make it through this time
Just wait for our eyes to adjust
We'll see what's been hiding from us
Or set fire to it all
And sweep away the dust. . .

So dress yourself in silhouettes
Do your best impression of yourself
I promise I will fall for it
And will it really be alright?
It's getting harder to believe 
But I've always had tricks up my sleeve

3.  Already Home (4:23)

Well I'll try to find how to describe
Everything inside
How did I get in this position?
I beg you just hang on and listen
Now that I've got your attention
This ride's almost done
Well life was made for moments like this
No question as to "why do we exist?"
Seems like my heart got the best of me

Oh now
Feel around
Is it beating like it used to?
Oh now
Feel around
I'm already home

I'm sorry my words have two meanings
I'll leave this up to you
But this instance isn't isolated
When you hear this song I hope you hate it
I told you I was only human
And now here I stand
I just have to get my legs under me
Watch me go out of my way
Seems like my mind got the best of me

Oh now
Feel around
Is it beating like it used to?
Oh now
Feel around
I'm already home

4.  Something In The Air (3:48)

It finally feels like October
Maybe now I can get some sleep
Tell me once more it's over
Stop me now that I'm in too deep
And I'm so alive
We're casting shadows in the night
The candle's burning at both ends
And if I missed my chance before
All I need is just one more
I dare you to forget my name

There's something in the air darling
There's something in your eyes
I whisper in your ear something you will like
And tonight you know that you're mine
Take my hand and hold tight

Every promise I made you
Every word that I ever said
And I swear that I'd love to
Go back so we can move ahead
Concrete fingerprints
The footsteps that I'd take again
All the things that I would change
And if I missed my chance before
All I need is just one more 
I dare you to forget my name

There's something in the air darling
There's something in your eyes
I whisper in your ear something you will like
And tonight you know that you're mine
Take my hand and hold tight

Someday. . 
We'll leave this all behind
And you'll say
It's all I had in mind

5.  I'll Take It From Here (3:34)

There's an ocean and miles between us
A whole world you should have seen just
Waiting for you right outside your window

My eyes are damn near open
And I waste too much time hoping
You'll scream out all the words that you know

Excuse me if I'm cavalier

But I'll take it from here
And no one else will say a word
When all this disappears
You can forget everything you heard

And there's no easy way to say this
The only path to yesterday is
Crawling through your dreams on hands and knees

I live life with the volume turned down
You learn more without hearing a sound
It's hard to believe what you can't see

Excuse me if I'm cavalier

But I'll take it from here
And no one else will say a word
When all this disappears
You can forget everything you heard

Excuse me if I'm cavalier
But it's all you'll get cuz it's all that's here
Let me make just one thing clear
I'll take it from here. . .

6.  May Day (3:40)

Everything's so different
I can tell it's just a game
You're only acting like you mean it
Did you believe a word she said?

Would you be surprised
That she will let you down
Is it worth the fight?

It's only a battle lately
I can't breathe around you
I'll scream about you
May Day
This love's ship sunk
They say
The crash was head on
May Day
Give up on this one

Don't make promises you
Don't intend to keep
And if you ever think about me
Not to worry I'm not losing any sleep

Would you be surprised
That she will let you down
Is it worth the fight?

It's only a battle lately
I can't breathe around you
I'll scream about you
May Day
This love's ship sunk
They say
The crash was head on
May Day
Give up on this one

One more time we can talk this through
There's no hope left for me and you
We play these games no consequence
But I'll tell you this is where it ends

Back To Work. . .

So as many of you may have seen, Beth posted her blog and the pictures from Saturday night.  They're amazing and everyone should head over to www.bsquaredphotography.net and check out her two cents.  Endless thank you's for the beautiful imagery of such a memorable evening.

I wanna thank everyone again for being part of The Big Show, and for continuing to support us as we press on.  We love having you out with us, and we wanna party with you.

Last night was our first practice with Chris and Brian since the show.  It was a great time getting back to work and having the first performance behind us.  Now it's time to look ahead to the next show.  It's in the works, and we'll have details for you by the end of the weekend.
We've started working on some new material, crossing our T's and dotting our lower case j's.  

What you can look forward to:
  • An updated version of "Setting For A Fairytale"
  • New songs: Saturday, Over Now, Sound Of Me Breathing, and a few other yet to be titled songs.  Once we start rough recording these rehearsals, we'll post some bits and pieces so you guys know what you're in for.
At some point in the near future we'll also be releasing some of the live audio from Saturday night, and also heading back to the studio to commence work on the next record.  

We'll see you guys soon.  Keep your eyes peeled.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Aftermath

What a wild couple of days it has been.  As I alluded to on Saturday night, there are not nearly enough words in the english language to demonstrate just how appreciative and thankful we are for all of your support, and screaming, singing, smiling faces at The Big Show.

It was everything we hoped for and more.  Beth is hard at work getting the pictures up to her blog (www.bsquaredphotography.net) so we can all re-live the memories together.

Now. . It's time to start building new ones.  Where's the next show gonna be?  We'll get to work on that.  In the meantime, I've updated our MySpace Show Listings so you all can come out and sing along.

Also, without any further delay. . My top 5 favorite songs of all time, in no order:
  1. David Gray - Lately
  2. John Mayer - Wheel
  3. Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain
  4. Pachelbel's Canon in D Major (You all love it too)
  5. I'm leaving the five spot open for now
I will chime back in as to the whys and hows later on.  Also, I'll dig deep and try to fill up number 5.  Leaving it open feels like a little less pressure to me.  Feel free to post your five favorite songs.  We're always looking for new stuff to listen to.  Surprise us.

Thank you all again.  Keep your eyes open.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies


Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Big Show: Set List

For any and all of you that are curious, this is how it went down last night.  We'll have audio of the show available within the week for anyone that missed it.  Thanks again so, so, so much to all of you that came out.  We can't wait to put on another one for you!

  1. I'll Take It From Here
  2. Silhouettes
  3. What It's Like To Feel Alive
  4. Not To Worry
  5. Billie Jean
  6. The Story
  7. May Day
  8. Already Home
  1. Lately (Acoustic)--->Setting For A Fairytale (Acoustic)
  2. Something In The Air (Acoustic)
  3. I'm On Fire--->Sex On Fire
  4. Drives Me Crazy
  5. Christiana
  1. Use Somebody (Acoustic)
Keep your eyes peeled.  The Turn will be appearing at a venue near you very soon.  And now I'll have a minute to post my top five "bookmarked" songs.  Catch you in a few.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

The Big Show

There are no words. 
I left them all on stage. 

On behalf of Patrick McDermott, Brian Holtz, Chris DeRosa and The Turn, I want to thank everyone, and let you all know that we couldn't have rocked without you.  I couldn't have dreamed up a better show.  Too many thank yous, too many shout outs, I'll take care of all of that over time.

In the meantime. . 

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Very truly yours,

Brian Ripps
The Turn

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So It Goes. . .

I wanna shout out real quick to Elan Michael and Dave Otis.  They're long overdue for some love. Not only have they both been over bridges, through tunnels and across state lines to see The Turn, they've also been front and center at Gabrielle's almost every Saturday since October.  You guys are awesome and I can't wait to give you The Big Show on Saturday, thank you endlessly for the support.  

In other news, the new Turn t-shirts are ready for public consumption.  I'd like to say a very special thanks to Terence Kennedy again for all of his help.  If you want to get your hands on one of the very first shirts from this run before the show, you can call 516 458 7299 or e mail BrianRipps@aol.com. 

I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone about a band I've been listening to a lot recently.  They're called Into The Presence, and they're absolutely awesome.  Comprised of Primus' former drummer Tim Alexander and guitarist/songwriter Luis Carlos Maldonado, they have made a decision to rock about as hard as a band can.  Over the course of the month of April they'll be doing a tri-state circuit that stops at Pianos every Wednesday.  I'm going to check them out on Wednesday the 29th and you're all invited to join me.  If not, then at the very least head over to their MySpace page and give them a listen.  It's only a matter of time before they're in everyone's face, and you can say you were one of the first.

I'm thinking about giving my top five favorite songs of all time a run tomorrow.  The thing about "favorites" is that there's only supposed to be one.  I kinda dig the fact that on web browsers nowadays they're referred to as "bookmarks".  That's much more apropos.  A "favorite" by definition means preferred over and above all others, a "bookmark" to me just implies something that you'd like to refer back to.  At the end of the day, there's really no need to choose a favorite anything, which is why we all get caught up making lists.  Top 3, top 5, top 10, top 20, top 50 and so on.  The line needs to be drawn someplace, but nobody would ever watch a VH1 special on anybody's Top 1.  With that in mind, I'm gonna head to bed, wish all of you sweet dreams and happy mornings, and prepare for my top 5 favorite songs (subject to change, in no certain order).

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moving Right Along. . .

This is a quick post, and I'll pop back in later with my actual shout outs and two cents.

It's Wednesday.  Three days to go.  I vividly remember the first phone calls I made to set this show in motion.  2 months ago, could just as easily have been 2 minutes.  These will be three of the busiest days of my life, if I've calculated everything properly.  Bring it on.

We'll catch up later.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Turn The Page

First of all, some shout outs are in order.  As you all know, when The Turn plays, "Request Lines Are Open".  Some people take that very literally.  This past Saturday at Gabrielle's, Mr Dan Schaefer and Ms Blaire Borut both phoned in a couple of requests.  I'd like to say thank you to both of them for coming out and showing their continual support, and for being so 21st century and BlackBerry Messaging me their requests.

After last night's top 5 blog, Pat, my brother and I had a discussion on the way to the gym. There will be a top 5 riffs blog some time in the near future, compliments of one Patrick McDermott.

In the meantime, I figure I will drop my two cents on what might be my five favorite cover songs. . to listen to, not to play.  That list would be entirely different.  I'm sure we'll get there, but for now, let's stick to other band's good decisions.  I was in the car with Jonny and Heather on the way back from the supermarket, and we flipped on the radio (which is usually an awful decision). In this particular case, we happened to catch Metallica's cover of Bob Seger's "Turn The Page". Then I got to thinking.  I'd say that the elements of a great cover are improving upon a song while staying true to its form.  So let's start this list out.

1) Metallica - Turn The Page.  They got it down.  While staying true to the structure, they made an already awesome song louder, stronger and more intense.  Almost every aspect of the song hearkens back to the original while improving upon its subtleties.  I know I've been shouting out to Metallica a lot recently, which isn't even intentional.  I suppose it just testifies to their impact on modern music.  This just in: They've been around almost 30 years.  That's older than most of the people reading this I'm sure.  So, love 'em or hate 'em, they've got a solid foothold in Rock and Roll history.  Their cover of "Whiskey In The Jar" is also great, check that out.

2)  Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends.  The Wonder Years theme song.  More importantly, a Beatles song.  There's a certain level of taboo that attaches to covering The Beatles.  Simply put, it shouldn't be done.  Seriously, are YOU, whoever "you" happens to be (the royal you in this case), going to somehow rediscover and improve upon something The Beatles did?  No, I don't think so.  Luckily for Joe Cocker, this song was written for him and in fact released prior to Sgt. Pepper.  I think they should have let him keep it.  As it stands, it's more recognizable for its association with The Wonder Years, and it so happens that The Beatles version is sort of lackluster.  

3)  Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night.  This is a late addition to the list, but a very deserving one.  If I were going to order my lists, I suppose this might have to come in at number one solely for the performance on "Unplugged In New York".  Check it out.  If you have ever seen something more haunting, then let me know.  The "chill factor" rivals almost anything else I've ever seen.  The other insanely cool thing about this cover is its derivation. It goes by several different names, and has been around since the 1870s.  An American Folk Standard, as it were.  I won't hold it against you if you say it's Kurt Cobain's song.  

4)  Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus.  This rocks so hard.  Say what you will about Marilyn Manson, he just wants to rock, and offend people.  He succeeds admirably at both.  I'm not so down with the offensive part, but there's no two ways about it - this song was awesome when Depeche Mode did it, and remains so in this vein.  He also has a pretty sweet cover of "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics.  You're likely familiar with that for its similarity to "Crazy Train". All awesome songs, but "Personal Jesus" gets the spot.

5)  John Mayer - Bold As Love.  This rounds out the list quite nicely.  More mellow and true a cover than some of the others, but still with his own twist.  I wouldn't go so far as to call the original "Bold As Love" a classic, at least not as far as Jimi Hendrix songs go, but Mr. Mayer gives us good reason to go back and check out what Jimi was doing.  You can find this song on his latest record "Continuum" and pay close attention to the solo.  Maybe this should have made my top five solos list.  Maybe it will make my next top five solos list.

That's the top five.  Honorable mention for today's list:
  • Stone Temple Pilots - Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin)
  • Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
Keep your eyes open.  We'll be back.

Peace Love and Vocal Harmonies